Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Day on Blog

Hello...this is the first for me, and as you can tell I really have no idea what I am doing! I will continue to work on this, and hopefully I will improve as I go along.

I have always been a Recycled Crafter. By that I mean I save everything, I see something I can make out of throwaway material. I believe that most all items can have a prettier second life. So if you was to see my Diva Den...meaning Craft Room, you would see why nothing gets thrown away. My family has to check in with me before they throw anything away! LOL Most times I already let them know I want Do Not Throw Away!

My mind never sleeps, but there are day's that my body just can't keep up. In my sleep I dream of Crafts. Sad as this may seem, it's my Life!

I have been watching tons of Tutorials on many ideas..sometimes I need inspiration to make my craft ideas come to life. For example I learned how to make my own Glimmer Mist...who would have ever known it was that easy, and far more cheaper than store bought.

Recipe for Glimmer mist:

Enough Metallic Acrylic Paint to cover the bottom of the spray bottle, and the rest is water.Then shake to mix, and there you have Homemade Glimmer Mist. Approx. .50 cents or less to make. Reuse spray bottles, and the best part is that you can make your own custom colors. Even better wouldn't you say?

Easy enough!

Second thing I learned by playing with can use any throw a way pump bottle, I have used old perfume spray bottles, great way to reuse, and the project smells great if you should leave a small bit of the scent in the bottle. That part is a bonus, and a option!

Well this is my one tidbit of info at the moment...I need to get back to working on this Blog...and seeing how I can improve this!