Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Thursday morning...hoping all is well with you! <3

I have a friend PJ's Treasures we have a weekly Challenge. This past week was her choice to give the Challenge, so it was to make a card holder using empty food boxes. I used 3 potatoe boxes, and a taco shell box. It truley was a fun project, this week was my choice on our Challenge, so we are using a empty Christmas light box, and making a matching mini album. We post these every Tyesday, at 8:00 p.m. I am always amazed at how different our projects are with the almost same items. We have done these type Challenges for over a year, and love it. This year we put a new spin on things, and added a 5 card Challenge at the first of the month with what ever the next Holiday coming up. Also  the purpose for our Challenges this year is to make our Trash to Treasure's items for Gift giving this year, and to be ahead for Christmas, Birthdays, and anything inbetween. I will post next Tuesday our before, and after Challenge.