Thursday, August 22, 2013

 This is Pam and my side by side Challenge, this is made from 3 empty food boxes, 4 wooden balls for the feet, scrapbook paper, lace, and made a notebook with my new Cinch tool, I love it!
 These are a few of the cards we made after we found that there was no need to cut a circle in the card.
 Front view of my 3 slot caddie box. This is handy...can not wait to make more.
 Another folded movement card. Way easier than a You Tube video made them to be. She thought she had a new wonderful thing...but we wanted a easier way to achieve the same thing, with one step taken out of the process! lol

 Another card made using card tag, Cricut cut from "Fancy Frames", and my Cuttlebug to emboss the diamond pattern. Easy enough!

And this was lead to our endless laughter....glad I bought the Die anyway. But so fun...also one of the Genius also was trying to make this circle become a oval, lets just say...did not happen! I will withhold what genius that was, only because it was a 2 person mishap! lol

Well this is my funny that I shared with my friend Pam at PJ's Treasures. Hope you enjoy the funnier side of Crafting...every now and then you have to laugh at your mistakes, and not take everything so serious! Hope you enjoyed the lighter side of Crafting with a Dear Friend!

Crafty Diva
aka LaDenna Lawrence

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