Thursday, August 22, 2013

 This is the pics of the 2 genius trying to unstick the Cuttlebug from my glass mat. That would be the items we used to attempt our rescue. I still laugh to think how hard we worked on this.
 This is when the other genius, folded the sides up, and the rescue was a success! Yay us, we saved the day!
Now the picture Pam and I trying to figure out why we needed to cut the hole in the card in the first place. So I will post pics tomorrow of the cards we made with out cutting holes to make a movement card! lol
Nevertheless we had a blast making new cards, laughing, and trying to get off the stupid bus. It was traveling very fast that day, and we took a long ride! lol Will add more pics later!

Crafty Diva
aka LaDenna Lawrence

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