Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This past week I had a visit from my friend Pam, of PJ's Treasures. Lets just say it was the funniest visit we have encountered yet. This is no joke, hard to believe but we had stupid running through us like crazy.
For those of you that do not know what a Cuttlebug is...it is a embosser, and die cut machine that you manually work. I have a small part of the man gene in me, and I tend to put away the manual, and read only after I cannot operate something, or if I mess up a few things over and over.
so there were 2 genius at work the day we decided to use my Cuttlebug.
it started out with the Cuttlebug sticking to my glass cutting mat...so the 2 meaning 1 being me geniuses could not get the Cuttlebug unstuck from the glass, we pulled and pulled, and still could not get this loose from the glass cutting mat. so we decided to use glass cleaner, and a Cricket tool to pry the Cuttlebug from the glass mat. Well after these 2 geniuses get this released, 1 of the geniuses (that would be Pam) folded the sides up to close the Cuttlebug, and as we were amazed, yet feeling more stupid by the minute...we laughed so much we cried, and still as I type this I can not help from laugh til it hurts. So to sum this up...always read your manuals, to see how the items you purchase operate.

Enough said on our first stupid...we had a second one, and let me tell you once the stupid unfolds... it just keeps going!
I had been watching some tutorials to make special fold cards with movement in the center of the fold. So genius one and two watched this video, lol as I type this, because the lady made this out to more than it really was, but never the less this genius meaning me, had to go buy some round scalloped die cuts to make this card...lol or so we thought! The lady showed us how to fold the card, and then fold again to cut with a scalloped circle die to made a folded movement card...when we stopped and started the video over and over and over, yet something was not registering in our brilliant minds, so we paued, and played it back for one last time, then the light came on, and genius two...said why are we cutting a hole in the center to add a movement piece on the fold out any way...then genius one...busted out laughing to find out we had a far easier way to make this card, but we had to jump on the slow stupid bus a few times. I was so sick by the time we went to bed that night...the laughter, and the stupid had taken way too much out of us for one day. So then...I had another genius moment.

Genius one and two had to go shoe shopping for my daughter that was going to be graduating the next day...now first and foremost my air conditioner in my car went out, so we were using that 90 degree window breeze. We pulled up to the store, got out leaving the windows down because it was way too hot to roll them up, this genius decided to use the key remote to lock the doors...as if that would save the car. Genius two was trying to open the door, and had no luck! The point I am trying to make is I am always posting about stupid people...I am one of the stupid people, and now I have to admit this, and be nicer to all the other stupid people that will not admit such a thing about themselves. LMBO...it happens to us all!

I will post all the pics tomorrow night that Genius one and two made while Pam was here for her visit. Needless to say we made some cute gifts, and cards!  


  1. I'm reading this while at work and can't help but laugh some more! Lol

    1. Yes Pam...we had a time with things, and now that I have reread the post, I see my ability to spell has went stupid as well. Mind overload, too many to care for, and to much to do! lol